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AeroPress vs AeroPress Go
If you're starting your home brewing journey and interested in AeroPress, you're in for some fun! AeroPress specialises in immersion-style coffee makers that...

If you're starting your home brewing journey and interested in AeroPress, you're in for some fun!

AeroPress specialises in immersion-style coffee makers that brew seriously delicious coffee in just a few minutes.

The company has two models, AeroPress Original and AeroPress Go. Both have gained worldwide popularity as lightweight yet durable coffee makers. Both easy to use while offering tonnes of versatility.

If you need help deciding which model to buy, this guide is for you. We've compiled all the necessary information for considering AeroPress vs AeroPress Go:

Is the AeroPress Go the same size as the AeroPress?

No, the AeroPress Go is a smaller size than the AeroPress Original and its brew chamber has an 8oz capacity to brew 1 cup of coffee. In comparison, the AeroPress Original has a brewing capacity of 10oz, yielding between 1 - 3 cups. 

AeroPress sizes: 

Model Inches Centimetres Yields
AeroPress Original 5.4 x 4.2 x 3.8 13.7 x 10.6 x 9.6 1 - 3 cups
AeroPress Go 4.6 x 3.6 x 3.6 11.6 x 9.1 x 9.1 1 cup


Differences between models


The main difference between the AeroPress Original and the Go is size. Both models brew similarly, but the AeroPress Go has been specifically designed with mobility in mind. 

Perfect for travelling, the AeroPress Go is a fair bit smaller than the original model and includes a portable mug with a sealed lid for storing coffee while on the move. 


The travel press version is also lighter than the original, weighing around 320g when packed up (compared to the AeroPress Original, which weighs 370g).

Brewing methods

With both models, you can experiment with brew times, grind types and proportions with the different settings.

You can use the AeroPress inverted method or traditional AeroPress coffee brewing regardless of the model you choose. 

Factors to consider:

While the AeroPress Go makes for a great gadget for solo use, there are a couple of factors to consider before purchasing: 

  • Existing coffee accessories: If you already have a go-to travel mug, the AeroPress Original may be a better choice
  • The primary reason for purchase: If you plan to use your coffee maker while travelling, the AeroPress Go offers convenient storage capabilities and can be neatly packed into one. When it comes to home brewing, many find the AeroPress Original more convenient.
  • Coffee brewing capacity: If brewing for other people, the AeroPress Original will enable you to brew a bigger batch of coffee at once. 

Is AeroPress worth the money?

The AeroPress Go previously cost more than the Original model, but they now retail at the same price.

In terms of value for money, the AeroPress Go offers additional accessories (portable mug with silicone lid). However, value will depend on your preferences and the factors listed above. 

Which AeroPress should I buy?  

It depends. Both models of AeroPress brew excellently, and in many ways they are virtually the same coffee maker. The list below should help you decide which AeroPress to buy:

Original: Best for...

  • Homebodies 
  • Brewing larger volumes
  • No need for a travel mug

Go: Best for...

  • Travellers 
  • College students 
  • Brewing at work 

AeroPress vs AeroPress Go product features:

When weighing up the AeroPress Go vs Original, it's good to know the different product features included in each box. The table below shows what each model comprises:

AeroPress Original AeroPress Go
Brew chamber Brew chamber
Plunger Plunger
Funnel Portable mug with lid
Filters (350 papers) Filters (350 papers)
Filter cap  Filter cap
Filter holder (20 paper capacity) Filter holder (350 paper capacity)
Stirrer Stirrer
Scoop (14g capacity) Scoop (14g capacity)


AeroPress Accessories

AeroPress Accessories. Shop with Odd Kin Coffee Roasters

1. Filter papers: AeroPress filters get placed into the filter cap to prevent oil from entering brewed coffee. Both models come with 350 filter papers.

2. Filter holder: The filter papers can be neatly stored in the filter holder. The AeroPress Original holder holds up to 350 papers, whereas the AeroPress Go holder holds up to 20 papers. 

3. Filter cap: The filter paper is placed into the cap before being twisted onto the chamber. 

4. Scoop: The scoop is used to spoon ground coffee beans into the chamber. Both the AeroPress Original and AeroPress Go scoops have a 14g capacity, although they slightly differ in shape to allow the AeroPress Go scoop to fit inside the coffee press. 

5.Funnel: The AeroPress Original features a funnel which can be used to transfer ground coffee into the chamber for tidier brewing. 

6. Stirrer: The stirrer is used to gently swirl the water and ground coffee within the chamber. The AeroPress Go stirrer has a different design, allowing it to be folded to fit inside the plunger for easy travel. 

7 & 8. Plunger and Chamber: The plunger presses hot water through the ground coffee within the airtight chamber to carefully extract the oils and flavour. The size of these items differ between the Original and the Go as shown above. 

9. Mug: The AeroPress Go features a portable mug with silicone lid. 

How many different versions of AeroPress have been released?

The evolution of AeroPress spans fourteen years!

Eight versions of the original AeroPress model have been released since the company launched in 2005. The latest version of this model has been available since 2019, the same year that AeroPress released their travel-sized model AeroPress Go.

Over the years, the general design of each new release has remained similar, with minor tweaks having been made to improve functionality and aesthetic. For example, Version 8 (the latest release) saw AeroPress switch from gold foil to red lettering. 

Where can I buy the latest models?

At Odd Kin, we stock the original AeroPress Coffee Maker and AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press. Both models can be purchased for £29.95. 

Alternatively, you can buy our AeroPress Coffee Bundle, which includes a bag of our speciality coffee (Popayán Colombian Decaf OR Treehouse Espresso) for just £34.50.