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AeroPress Filters

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AeroPress Filter Papers

A pack of AeroPress filters that are compatible with all AeroPress machines, including the AeroPress Go.

These paper filters help to create a light and clean coffee, preventing oil from getting into your brew.

The circular micro-design helps to ensure your finished brew is grit and sediment free. 

This pack of 350 AeroPress filter papers will give you your daily fill of coffee for just under a year - making them the essential brewing accessory!

We love the fact these AeroPress paper filters are biodegradable and can be sustainably composted after use.

To ensure your coffee doesn’t get a papery taste, saturate the filter papers with boiling water prior to use.

To use your AeroPress filters:

  1. Place the AeroPress filter paper in the holder 
  2. Pour boiling hot water to thoroughly rinse it 
  3. Screw the filter holder onto your AeroPress  
  4. After one minute, place your mug upside down and flip
  5. Push down the inner chamber to brew the coffee