Matcha Tea

Shizuoka, Japan
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We’re riding this heavy matcha wave and we love it for all the health benefits it offers. To name but a few, it’s well known for being high in antioxidants, reducing stress and is good for digestion… The list goes on.

Our matcha originates from the Shizuoka prefecture in Japan, which is the largest region in Japan for producing high quality green teas. This particular matcha is of the Tabukita cultivar which has a unique sweetness and depth of flavour. Matcha is shaded towards the end of its harvest unlike other green teas, which enriches its classic umami character.

Although our matcha can be savoured in the traditional manner, whisked with just hot water; it can also be enjoyed with milk.


Serving suggestion: 1-2g of matcha per 10oz drink

We can also include our perfect matcha measuring spoon, which expertly scoops out enough matcha for one drink. Less mess and fuss!


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