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AeroPress Inverted Method by Odd Kin Coffee Roasters
Today we’re going to show you guys an alternative method for brewing your AeroPress! In our first AeroPress brew guide, we talked about...

Today we’re going to show you guys an alternative method for brewing your AeroPress!

In our first AeroPress brew guide, we talked about how versatile this tool can be, so we thought we'd share another popular style of brewing for you to experiment with, the AeroPress Inverted Method. Enjoy!

What is the AeroPress inverted method?

The AeroPress inverted method is an alternative style of brewing with an AeroPress that involves placing the coffee maker upside down.

With this method, the coffee grounds are immersed in water for a longer period of time, which helps to increase extraction.

Why do people use the AeroPress inverted?

This inversion method became popular with baristas who wanted to prevent under extraction of their coffee by controlling when the water begins to drain from the AeroPress.

This means more time to allow your coffee to both bloom (similarly to V60 brewing), and steep (comparable to immersion methods like cafetiere).

Is the AeroPress inverted method better?

Good question! While the traditional style of AeroPress brewing is the one this coffee maker was originally designed for, the inverted method does have its advantages. 

Both brewing methods have their benefits, which is why coffee roasters like us love the AeroPress!

It’s versatile, so you can experiment with these different styles of brewing and figure out which one works best for you.

How to make AeroPress inverted:

While you can use the same recipe as our previous AeroPress guide and simply adjust your technique, we’re going to show you a different recipe in this guide to give you something else to try!

This particular recipe is inspired by a winning recipe in the World AeroPress Championship. (If you’re into this stuff, check out the WAC’s Hall of Fame where you’ll find recipes from the top three contestants dating back to 2014).

We’ve chosen to share this recipe because it is a good example of how you can produce a concentrated coffee that can be diluted.

This is great if you’re using an AeroPress, but want to make coffee for more than one person!

Inverted AeroPress Recipe




  1. Assemble the AeroPress with the chamber facing upwards and place it on your coffee scales. Boil the kettle. 
  2. Rinse two AeroPress papers under a tap and place them in the filter cap. Then, add the 30g scoop of coarsely ground coffee to the open top.
  3. Start your timer and pour 100g of just-off-the-boil water into the AeroPress. Stir vigorously 20 times with the stirrer. 
  4. Attach the filter cap tightly and invert the AeroPress. Depress it to remove air from the chamber until you see wet coffee pressing through. 
  5. Wait for 40 seconds, then flip the AeroPress over and continue to press the coffee into a cup. 
  6. Add 120g of hot water from the kettle to your cup, and allow the coffee to cool slightly before drinking. 

Voila! Your coffee is served. 

Top tip: We recommend using fresh, filtered water to allow for a fuller flavoured brew.  

AeroPress Inverted Method FAQs:

How much coffee do you use for inverted AeroPress?

This inverted AeroPress method uses 30 g of coffee, but remember that there are lots of different recipes for inversion brewing, and each will recommend a specific amount of coffee to be used.

How much water is needed to dilute an inverted AeroPress coffee?

We like this recipe because it produces a concentrated coffee that can also be diluted. So, to dilute your AeroPress concentrate, add 120 g of water.

What are the pros of the AeroPress upside down brew?

This alternative method of brewing AeroPress coffee offers a number of benefits. The pros of using the inverted AeroPress technique include: 

  • Prevents under extraction: Control when the water starts to drain from the AeroPress
  • Allows for full immersion: All the coffee grounds touch the water during the brewing process 
  • Allows for experimental brewing: Keep things interesting by trying out different inversion techniques

Who first decided to invert the AeroPress?

There’s no way of saying for sure who first discovered the inverted AeroPress method, but it is believed to have become popular in 2008 (three years after the birth of Alan Adler’s AeroPress).

Share your inverted AeroPress coffee recipes:

Are you a die-hard inverted coffee brewer? If so, share your favourite inverted AeroPress method with us on Instagram or in the comments below!