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How to make AeroPress coffee by Odd Kin Coffee Roasters
Invented by Alan Adler (the same guy who invented the Aerobie frisbee!), the AeroPress coffee maker has become a leader in speciality coffee...

Invented by Alan Adler (the same guy who invented the Aerobie frisbee!), the AeroPress coffee maker has become a leader in speciality coffee brewing.

In our complete guide, we walk you through how to make AeroPress coffee step-by-step.

An introduction to AeroPress brewing

AeroPress is a style of coffee brewing that uses the AeroPress coffee maker, a cylindrical shaped brewer that features a plunger.

The AeroPress was launched in 2005 and quickly became popular with coffee lovers across the globe for its portable design and ease of use.

Following the mammoth success of the Original AeroPress model, the company released a smaller mobile version called the AeroPress Go.

Compare the two models side by side: AeroPress vs AeroPress Go.

Popularly used by brewers worldwide

To give you a better idea of just how highly regarded the AeroPress is within the coffee community - every year, there's a World AeroPress Championship held in Melbourne.

During the championship, contestants from over 60 countries compete to make the best cup of coffee using their go-to AeroPress recipe. 

In the UK, Caravan Coffee Roasters runs their annual English AeroPress Championships in September.

This year, our team member Lindsey headed London to compete in the champs, read more about her experience and the AeroPress recipe she used here.

AeroPress brewing methods:

You may be surprised to find out that there are two methods of brewing AeroPress coffee, the 'traditional / regular' way and the 'inverted' way.

These two brew styles have seriously divided the coffee community. While inventor Alan Adler intended for his coffee maker to be used with the traditional method, many die-hard AeroPress fans swear by inverted brewing. 

Ultimately, the best AeroPress method depends on your personal preference.

So, take time to play around with your gizmo and figure out which method suits you best!

1. Traditional AeroPress Method

The way the AeroPress was originally designed to brew coffee, outlined in our six-step brewing instructions below.

2. AeroPress Inverted Method

Over time, the inverted method was trialled by members of the coffee community, who found that the immersion time could be maximised by standing the AeroPress upside down. 

This method of brewing enables the coffee to be immersed in water for a longer period of time, increasing extraction. However, bear in mind that this method shrinks the volume capacity of the AeroPress, resulting in less coffee.

Many brewers prefer the inverted method, as it allows brewers the coffee to be immersed in water for a longer time, increasing extraction.

However it should also be noted that this way of brewing shrinks the volume capacity of the brewer, resulting in less coffee.

Read our AeroPress Inverted Brew Guide.

    How to make AeroPress coffee:

    Using the AeroPress coffee maker couldn’t be simpler. Learn how to make AeroPress coffee following our Head Roaster's 6 step recipe.




    Step 1: To get started, you’re going to boil the kettle and then leave it to rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Leaving it to rest will prevent bubbling water from agitating the grind, which can impact the extraction and taste of your coffee.

    Step 2: Grab your coffee and scoop. When it comes to choosing grind size, you want to use a medium-fine coffee, finer than v60, but not quite espresso grind. We’re going to be using 11g of coffee and 200g of boiling water.

    Step 3: Pop a paper filter into the cap of the AeroPress and screw it back in. Don’t forget to rinse the filter paper thoroughly with hot water, this helps to reduce a papery taste from influencing your delicious brew.

    Step 4: Next, you want to remove the plunger and place the base of the AeroPress on top of your cup. Using the scoop, pour the 11g of ground coffee into it on top of the paper.

    Step 5: Prepare your timer and pour 200g of boiling water in, leaving it to sit for two minutes. After this, place the plunger on top and use the stirrer to swirl your AeroPress. Hold both parts of your coffee maker to avoid spillages! 

    Step 6: Allow to rest for a further 30 seconds. Finally, slowly and gently plunge the remaining coffee out of the AeroPress chamber (this should take half a minute or so). 

    Voila! Your coffee is served. 

    💡 Top Tip: We recommend using fresh, filtered water to allow for a fuller flavoured brew.

    📝 Share your AeroPress recipes

    There are so many different recipes for this versatile brewing method, which is why we love it so much!

    Are you a fan of the AeroPress? Why not share your favourite AeroPress recipe with us on Instagram.

    AeroPress Coffee FAQs

    How many grams of coffee should I use to make AeroPress?

    At Odd Kin we’ve chosen to use a ratio of 1 to 18 coffee to water, so you’ll need 11g of coffee and 200g of boiling water.

    The brew ratio will affect the concentration and flavour of your coffee, so the exact number of grams you should use is down to personal preference.

    Note: The AeroPress scoop holds up to 11.5 grams of coffee.

    What is the best grind size for AeroPress?

    The ideal AeroPress grind size is medium-fine. This means that each coffee particle will be roughly 0.5 mm in size with a texture that’s smoother than sand.

    We recommend grinding your coffee to order, as whole bean coffee keeps fresher for longer. This can be done with a hand grinder or electric coffee grinder, but if you don’t have one of these - don’t worry, we can do it for you!

    When you buy coffee from Odd Kin Coffee Roasters, simply choose the AeroPress grind type and add to cart.

    What is the difference between an AeroPress and a French press?

    AeroPress and French press are two popular methods of brewing coffee that both feature simple design for easy use.

    As immersion brewers, they both allow for the coffee and water to sit together before being filtered, but they have different processes, serving sizes and brew times.

    Feature AeroPress  French Press
    Servings 8 - 10 oz 8 - 52 oz
    Brew Time 2 minutes 4 minutes
    Coffee Grind Size Medium-fine Coarse

    What are the benefits of making AeroPress coffee?

    This much loved method of brewing coffee boasts a number of benefits for coffee beginners and baristas alike. The pros of using an AeroPress include:

    • It uses gentle air pressure to create a rich flavour that’s low in acidity
    • The brewing system results in uniform extraction, improving coffee taste
    • Portable in design, it can travel with you wherever you go
    • Made from non-toxic plastic that is sturdy, durable and long-lasting
    • A versatile coffee maker that allows for creativity and various brewing methods 

    Where can I buy an AeroPress?

    We stock a number of AeroPress products within our Brewing Equipment collection: