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English AeroPress Championships Image. Photo Credit: @danielfsayphotography
We love celebrating the Odd Kin fam doing great things, and this week we're excited to shout about Lindsey after she headed down...

We love celebrating the Odd Kin fam doing great things, and this week we're excited to shout about Lindsey after she headed down to London to participate in this year's English AeroPress Championships!

Hosted by Caravan Coffee at their Islington roastery and brew bar, the EAC2022 saw 27 AeroPress lovers plunge their way to glory while competing to brew the best cuppa coffee. 

I know I speak for the whole team when I say how proud we are of Lindsey for getting involved - HUGE congrats for smashing it!  🙌

Find out a bit more about Lindsey's experience of the day and check out her competition recipe below 👇

"As soon as I started making coffee the nerves went. I knew exactly what to do then and just had fun doing it."

A chat with Lindsey:

1. How many people took part in the championship?

There were twenty-seven competitors in total and three people competed in each round. 

2. What made you want to compete?

I had been thinking about wanting to attempt a competition for a while.

Me and Monica (Brum manager) had both said we thought the EAC would be a fun one to do as it's quite an informal competition, not as serious as something like the UK Brewers Cup Championship. 

Unfortunately Monica didn't get a ticket to be able to compete, they literally sold out in like thirty seconds!

3. What was the atmosphere like on the day?

Great atmosphere - lots of like-minded people who enjoy coffee all supporting each other and having a bit of fun really. 

4. What is your favourite coffee maker to brew with?

Lately it has been an AeroPress, I like how simple it is but makes such a good cup of coffee! The recipes can be so dynamic or really simple. Other than that I do enjoy a V60

5. How long have you been working on your recipe?

We got the competition coffee just over a week before the competition date, but I had started playing with different recipes with a few different coffees before this.

The competition coffee was only a 220 g bag of coffee and I think I found the initial recipe from the fifth brew - but it took a while to refine other aspects of the recipe, such as brew time and what water to use. 

I also did some testing with Dan who owns BANK Bristol (one of our lovely wholesale partners) to help me nail my final recipe and he was very helpful with advice!

6. What made you choose the recipe you used?

I wanted to keep it simple and not over-complicate things. It was a similar recipe to what I've used in the Birmingham shop, so I thought I'd just give it a go and see if it worked. 

7. Was there anything you'd do differently if you had the opportunity?

I probably would have made the coffee a little bit stronger and more concentrated as I think this is more what the judges were looking for. 

I had gone for a lighter brew as that's what I like to drink, but you also have to think about the judges preferences!

8. Highlight of the day?

Doing the actual competing!

I was an absolute nervous wreck before I competed and I was the last slot of the first round as well, so there was a lot of waiting around.

As soon as I started making coffee the nerves went.  I knew exactly what to do then and just had fun doing it. 

I also loved meeting some of the other competitors there, I met some really lovely people so that was also a highlight. 

9. Do you have any plans to compete in similar competitions?

I would definitely like to compete in something else for sure.

In the moment when you're that nervous and stressed before doing it you think, 'why have I done this again!?'. But after with hindsight I really enjoyed it - the adrenaline rush is addictive. 

I'm not sure what competition is next for me, but I'll definitely have another crack at the EAC next year. 

Lindsey Competes at the English AeroPress Championships 2022

Photo Credit: @danielfsayphotography

📝 Lindsey's EAC Competition Recipe: 

What you'll need to get brewing:  

Inverted AeroPress Method: 

  1. Put your coffee in the AeroPress after pre-heating
  2. Pre-wet the filters
  3. Pour 60g water in and stir back and fourth 6 times
  4. Pour the rest of the water in and put the filter cap on
  5. Flip over at 2.40
  6. Swirl the AeroPress
  7. Plunge in total 3 mins 

💡 Top Tip: Once you've nailed Lindsey's inverted recipe, why not try your hand at traditional brewing with the recipe featured in our AeroPress coffee brew guide?

Lindsey Competing at the EAC 2022

Photo Credit: @danielfsayphotography

Well done Lindsey, we can't wait to see what you do next!