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Meet (un)ordinary oats
Peanut butter and jam, bangers and mash, mac and cheese, chips and gravy - we all have our fav combos we couldn't live...

Peanut butter and jam, bangers and mash, mac and cheese, chips and gravy - we all have our fav combos we couldn't live without. For us, coffee and milk is the dynamic duo that tops the list of perfect pairings, and for all you milk-based coffee lovers - we have some exciting news to share.


As many of you know, we've had a long-standing partnership with our friends at Minor Figures, an oat milk coffee company that has seen mammoth growth in the last few years. 

Working with the Minor Figs team and witnessing their success from a humble start has been awesome - we can't wait to see where their journey takes them next.

Although we're parting ways, there's no tears or spilt milk here! We're all about meeting as many legends in our community as possible, so as we say goodbye to one team, we say hello to a new one - the wonderful folk at (un)ordinary oats. 

Juicy details below, but if you're ready to jump to the good stuff - shop (un)ordinary oat milk

Introducing (un)ordinary oats

Based in Winchester, Hampshire, (un)ordinary oats was founded by farmers George Rees and Jacek Walterowicz. 

The idea for the company came while the founders were processing oats from their farm to make oat milk at home. From this point, they set about creating a fully sustainable oat drink that paired perfectly with coffee. Safe to say they've done just that!

We met (un)ordinary by chance, and after listening to their backstory, we loved what they're all about: farmers that always keep it local

With an emphasis on traceability, (un)ordinary makes its milk from 100% British oats, both grown and processed in the UK. 

They're also focused on keeping things completely natural, so there's no concentrate, added sugar or sweeteners, just a small amount of healthy rapeseed oil to give the milk a creamy texture. 

"We keep oats the way they're supposed to be and the way nature makes them."

- (un)ordinary oats

Oats for the Pour

(un)ordinary’s barista oat drink is the first product in their portfolio, and the farmers’ passion for coffee shines through. 

Having nailed both the flavour and formula, it's a milk that lets the coffee do the talking, while producing a microfoam that achieves a more consistent texture than any other oat milk we have EVER used! 

And though it's been crafted to blend with speciality coffee, it can also be used for baking, cooking and everyday use in cereals or tea.

The team at (un)ordinary plan to develop more oat-based products in the future, which means exciting times lie ahead! Til then, the OG barista oat drink will be available to purchase online or in-store at Odd Shop

Oat drink product info:

  • Dairy-free milk 
  • 100% natural, plant-based
  • Concentrate free
  • No added sugar/sweeteners
  • Locally produced by British farmers
  • Fully recyclable packaging


(un)ordinary oat milk with sustainable packaging

Image source: @unordinaryoats - Instagram

Support sustainability

Aside from designing some seriously cool packaging, (un)ordinary has partnered with packaging company SIG to ensure product sustainability. 

The top of the carton features a pyramid design that reduces waste and makes it easy to pour every last drop of milk out. 

In addition, the combidone cartons are made from plant-based polymers, fully recyclable as a single unit. 

SIG manufactures combidone with renewable raw cardboard from trees harvested in FSC-Certified forests. Compared to disposable glass bottles, combidome consumes 60% less primary energy while generating:

  • 75% less CO2
  • 66% fewer fossil fuels

Level up your latte art

As mentioned, one of the things we love most about (un)ordinary’s oat drink is the beaut microfoam it produces. 

The formula makes it easy to froth milk for your go-to brew - be it cappuccino, latte, macchiato or mocha. You can look forward to a consistently smooth and velvety texture, perfect for pouring intricate designs that impress.

☕ Need help getting started? Watch our rosetta latte art tutorial

Shop small

At Odd Kin, we're all about supporting the little guy (cos we're one too!).

We're excited to be backing another small British business that shares our passion for traceability and sustainability, and we know you'll love (un)ordinary oats as much as we do.