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Rosetta Latte Art by Odd Kin Coffee Roasters
If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s the sheer beauty of carefully prepared latte art on a good cuppa coffee. ...

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s the sheer beauty of carefully prepared latte art on a good cuppa coffee. 

But as any barista will tell you, the milky swirls and intricate patterns are only made possible with a combination of science and barista skills. 

Despite being an entry-level technique, Rosetta latte art can take time to perfect. So to help you get started, we’ve put together a step by step tutorial - enjoy!

What is Rosetta latte art?

The Rosetta is a popular style of latte art that resembles a type of perennial plant called Sedum Rosetta.

Commonly referred to as a leaf or fern, it is one of the first designs that baristas should master before moving on to more complicated pouring techniques. 

Stonecrop Plant. Image Credit: Nahhan, Canva

Photo: Stonecrop plant similar to Rosetta

What you'll need to get pouring:

  • Espresso shot
  • Wide coffee cup 
  • Milk steamer / saucepan 
  • Milk 
  • Pouring jug

How to make Rosetta latte art step by step: 

  1. First things first, you need to make your base espresso shot. We recommend using speciality coffee beans for higher quality and taste.
  2. Start to pour your steamed milk into the cup. In the beginning, the milk will sink into the base of your coffee as demonstrated in the video below.
  3. Once you reach the halfway point, stop pouring and angle your cup towards the jug, lowering the jug just a few cm above the lip of the coffee cup. 
  4. Start to pour the milk into the back of the cup while gently wiggling the jug from side to side. As you do this, layers of white foam will form on the surface of your coffee.
  5. Keep the wiggling rhythm going as you pour towards the end of the coffee cup that's closest to the jug's tip. 
  6. Once you've reached the edge of the coffee cup, raise the jug higher and push forward to cut off the stream of milk. 
  7. Pour a thin stream of milk back through the layers to finish off your Rosetta design.  

Rosetta Latte Art Video

Visualise the process - learn how to pour rosetta in under one minute with our rosetta latte art tutorial:

Video: Share our YouTube latte art Rosetta tutorial on your site

Rosetta latte art tips and tricks:

To ensure a perfect pour, take a read of our top rosetta latte art techniques for beginners:

  • Milk: One of the most important components in latte art is the milk. To create light and fluffy froth, you need to use fresh, refrigerated milk. Because milk froth is a careful balance of temperature, fat content and proteins, whole milk tends to work best. However, you can still achieve latte art with alternatives like steamed almond, soy or oat milk.
  • Jug Placement: The further away you pour the milk into the cup, the deeper the milk will flow into the base of your coffee. For this reason, it's important to keep the jug close to the cup when wiggling the milk to create the Rosetta design. 
  • The Wiggle: When it comes to nailing Rosetta coffee, it's all in the wiggle. You should wiggle the jug from side to side in a fast but controlled motion. This technique requires small movements in the wrist, creating even layers that should spread throughout the cup as you pour.
  • Cup Size: The best cup for latte art is a wide latte cup, as a wider surface area will give you more space to design. However, once you've mastered the concept, designs can be achieved in any cup size. An important factor to remember is that larger coffee cups allow you to take things slower, whereas smaller cups require you to speed up the process.

Steaming Milke for Rosetta Coffee Art