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Greenhouse Espresso

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NEW Colombian house espresso produced in Popayan 

Grapefruit, Nutmeg


Introducing our latest house espresso Greenhouse. A beautiful example of Colombian coffee that tastes good, does good, feels good. 

We'll be donating 10% of each Greenhouse sale to support Treedom's global agroforestry projects and grow our very own virtual forest. 

The forest will span four of Treedom's supported countries - Kenya, Colombia, Malawi and Tanzania.

With the help of you lovely lot, the forest will become home to coffea, papaya, cacao and guava, each species carefully selected by Treedom to support farmer needs.

We'll be able to plant 1 tree per 5 kilos of Greenhouse we sell, and you'll be able to track the impact of your purchase via the Odd Kin Virtual Forest.

We've planted 13 trees so far, help us achieve our goal of 100 trees! 

Process: Washed
Region: Popayan, Colombia
Altitude: 1,250 - 1,330 MASL
Varietal: Mixed
Tasting Notes: Grapefruit, Nutmeg, Clean
Sizes: 250g or 1kg
Brew: Espresso, Filter


This particular area of Popayan creates an ideal environment for coffee growth. Consistent, yet complex.

Expect a harmony of round sweetness and fruity acidity for a truly versatile brew.

🌲 Treedom:

Treedom is a certified B corp and the world’s first digital platform that allows individuals to plant trees remotely. Through geotagging, Treedom’s supporters can follow the  story of their trees, the projects they're part of and learn more about planted species. 

Since the platform's foundation in 2010, over 3 million trees have been planted across Africa, South America and Europe. All trees are planted directly by local farmers to bring environmental, social and benefits to their communities. 

Find out more about our partnership with Treedom.


We’ve launched Greenhouse with three aims: 

  • To raise funds and awareness for agroforestry projects 
  • To shine a light on the important work of our sustainable import partners 
  • To showcase delicious single origin specialty coffee with a guilt free intention

Tastes Good. Does Good. Feels Good. Enjoy folks!