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Treedom x Odd Kin Coffee Partnership
Tomorrow is Earth Day, and the theme for this year is Invest In Our Planet. At the roastery, we've been thinking about different ways...

Tomorrow is Earth Day, and the theme for this year is Invest In Our Planet.

At the roastery, we've been thinking about different ways we can help to build a green and prosperous future for coffee. 

As part of our latest sustainability efforts, we're excited to announce that we've partnered with Treedom. 

Through this partnership, we're committed to supporting global agroforestry projects, promoting biodiversity and fighting climate change. 

In collaboration with Treedom and with the help of all of you, we'll be growing a virtual forest and creating sustainable ecosystems that offer socio-economic opportunities for farmers and their communities. 

And this leads us to our second announcement, the launch of our newly launched house espresso - Greenhouse.

10% of each Greenhouse sale will be donted to Treedom, and for every 5kg of coffee we sell, we'll be able to plant one tree.

Keep reading to find out how it's going to work:

Odd Kin X Treedom Partnership Infographic

What does Treedom do?

Treedom is a leading social enterprise that finances agroforestry projects around the world. The Treedom platform enables people to plant trees remotely and track their planting project’s progress virtually through geotagging. Since being founded in Italy in 2010, Treedom has planted over 3.8 million trees across Africa, South America, Asia and Europe. 

On a mission to 'make environmental and social commitment simple and fun', Treedom’s projects focus on providing environmental, social and economic benefits to farmers and rural communities, namely: 

  • Environmental: Planting native species and respecting the biodiversity of specific territories. Agroforestry helps to integrate trees within the agricultural system for a favourable interaction between species. These trees help to absorb CO2, offering huge benefits to the planet. 
  • Social: Treedom takes steps to ensure their projects provide a strong social value in the area they’re serving. They utilise training to promote empowerment.
  • Economic: By financing communities with initial costs, farmers are able to diversify and supplement their income. Many of the projects have helped to fund micro-entrepreneurship initiatives.

Nursery Preparing and Potting in Kenya

How does Treedom work?

Treedom works to empower the communities it serves. Funds raised through Treedom finance agroforestry projects, including seedlings distribution to local farmers they work with. 

Its impact business model provides producers with educational and technical support for planting and maintaining trees. By supporting the early stages of farming when trees are not yet productive, Treedom delivers a foundation for long-term growth, development and success. "He who gives you a fruit gives you a one-day food. But he who gives you a seed has given you a lifelong food supply."

The organisation is supported by 1.2 million people and 10,500 companies globally. Supporters can gift trees for friends and family, plant their own trees or subscribe to plant trees monthly. 

Each seedling planted by farmers is photographed and geolocated, featuring unique identification numbers, GPS coordinates and on-map locations.

Seedling Distribution and Tree Planting in Colombia

🌲 How will the Odd Kin Coffee Forest work? 

Working with Treedom, the Odd Kin Coffee Forest will:

  • Plant 1 tree per 5kg of Greenhouse coffee sold
  • Support agroforestry projects in Kenya, Colombia, Malawi and Tanzania
  • Fund a variety of coffee shrubs, papaya plants, cacao and guava trees, carefully selected to meet farmer needs

All trees our customers and wholesale partners support will be visible on our Treedom profile. The virtual forest will feature a tree diary providing project updates and showcasing:

  • Species information
  • Social and environmental benefits indicators 
  • CO2 absorption estimation 

Odd Kin Coffee Forest

🌱 More about Greenhouse:

Greenhouse is the third in our series of house espressos, following the popular Clubhouse and Treehouse blends.

Unlike these blends, Greenhouse is a punchy single-origin roast from Peru. Because we source our coffee seasonally, Greenhouse will be roasted with beans from two of Peru's organic coffee-producing regions: San Martín and Río Tambo, depending on availability.

Sourced through our import partner Volcafe, we're proud to support the important work Volcafe conducts within Peru and other origin countries.

Treedom's agroforestry projects work to mitigate issues like deforestation, which continue to impact Peruvian coffee farmers.

Like Treedom, Volcafe is committed to providing farmers with technical assistance to improve the quality of their yields. Their farmer support programme carries out sustainable production and agronomy training for Peruvian producers, creating business farm models as learning examples for surrounding communities.

The synergy between our partnership with Treedom, supported through the sales of coffee beans sourced by Volcafe and sustainably roasted here in Bristol, highlights key links between habitat protection, agroforestry practices and sustainable profitability within the complex coffee supply chain system.

Tastes Good. Does Good. Feels Good. Shop Greenhouse.  

Celebrate Earth Day with Odd Kin:

Earth Day is celebrated annually on 22nd April. It's an opportunity to highlight environmental issues and take action for change. 

Planting trees is a major focus for the Earth Day Organisation. As is ending single-use plastics, encouraging climate literacy, voting for change, encouraging sustainable fashion choices and promoting global cleanup campaigns.

At Odd Kin, we want every day, every week, every month to be treated as Earth Day. We're committed to providing continued support to sustainability initiatives and hope the Odd Kin Forest gives all of you a way to get involved and track your ongoing impact. 

Here are some ways you can celebrate Earth Day 2023: 

  • ☕  Try our Greenhouse coffee 
  • 🌱 Share our partnership news on social media 
  • 🌎 Join local events to take care of the planet
  • ♻️ Shop sustainably, reuse and recycle 

Happy Earth Day folks!