Coffee Grinder Cleaning Powder by Cafetto

Coffee Grinder Cleaning Powder - Cafetto®

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Cafetto’s coffee grinder cleaner

This cleaning powder provides home brewers with a quick and easy way to clean both electric and hand coffee grinders - removing coffee residue build-up and unwanted odours without requiring the grinder to be disassembled. 

For best care, we recommend deep-cleaning your grinder once a month using a coffee grinder cleaning powder.

Available in one size, this 450g tub will last for 10 months of cleaning - making it a cost-effective choice for keeping expensive equipment in tip top condition.

Cafetto is a specialist maker of eco-friendly coffee cleaning products.

We love their coffee grinder cleaner for its seriously great results, 100% natural formula and environmentally friendly, biodegradable ingredients.

Coffee Grinder Cleaner Features:

  • 450 g coffee machine cleaning powder
  • Cost-effective compared to coffee cleaning tablets
  • 10 month cleaning cycles available
  • Organic and biodegradable ingredients 
  • Soluble formula for no trade of odour

How to clean your coffee grinder:

  1. Empty the hopper of your grinder 
  2. Pour one capful (45g) of coffee grinder cleaning powder into the hopper
  3. Run the grinder, then empty the dosing chamber to remove any residue