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Single Origin Hot Chocolates 🍫

Looking for luxury hot chocolates to indulge your customers with?

We can help. 

We may be a coffee roastery, but we know a thing or two about cacao beans too. 

Partnered with Kokoa Collection, we supply single origin wholesale hot chocolates to hospitality businesses across the UK. 

With Odd Kin’s Wholesale Account, you’ll be able to order premium hot chocolates from all around the world, with varying cocoa percentages to cater to different tastes. 

Wholesale Hot Chocolate Supplies 

There are so many similarities between speciality coffee and speciality chocolate, which is why we knew we had to source the best single origin hot chocolates available for our wholesale partners. 

The hot chocolate we supply is brought to you by Kokoa Collection, a single origin hot chocolate company that has spent over a decade building global relationships with farmers to support sustainable cocoa production and direct trade. 

They’re a business whose ethos aligns with our own, which is why it made complete sense to team up in 2020 and promote the use of single origin cocoa beans across the UK’s hospitality sector. 

Kokoa Collection

Award winning hot chocolate is what our friends at Kokoa Collection do best. 

Their collection includes beans that have been ethically sourced from countries across the world, with hot chocolates that boast specific flavours from each individual origin. 

Instead of working with large plantations, Kokoa Collection deals directly with local cooperatives and smallholder farmers, ensuring they receive a premium price for their craft. 

Just like all the suppliers we work with, they’re sustainability focused and committed to reducing their carbon footprint as they grow. 

  • Single origin cocoa beans 
  • Vegan and organic choices 
  • Sustainable and eco focused 
  • Free from palm oil

Wholesale Hot Chocolate

We supply three types of Kokoa’s hot chocolate that are extremely popular with our wholesale partners.

When choosing which type of hot chocolate to offer consumers, we recognise the importance of choice. 

Not all hot chocolate drinkers have a big sweet tooth, which is why our wholesale hot chocolate offering includes a range of cocoa percentages and flavour notes. The hot chocolate flavours we stock include:

Kokoa Dark Ecuador (70%)

Bean Arriba Nacional
Tasting Notes Floral, balanced
Character Classic
Cocoa Percentage 70%
Production Harvested between March to June by smallholder farmers who ferment their beans in wooden boxes before drying them on cement patios
Awards Great Taste Awards

Kokoa Smooth Venezuela (58%) 

Bean Criollo, Trinitario
Tasting Notes Red fruits, Caramel
Character Smooth
Cocoa Percentage 58%
Source The region of Sur de Lago in North West Venezuela
Awards Bronze at the Academy of Chocolate

Kokoa White Ivory Coast (33%)

Bean Forastero
Tasting Notes Natural vanilla, creamy
Character White
Cocoa Percentage 33%
Source Ivory Coast
Awards Silver 2013 Academy of Chocolate


The Odded Extras

To enable our wholesale partners to source everything their businesses need from one place, we supply other bits and bobs to complement our hot chocolate, wholesale tea and coffee offering. 

Benefit from easy access to wholesale oat milk, chai syrups and barista equipment backups for times your business needs a quick, emergency fix to keep coffees flowing. 

Sound good?

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