Wholesale Tea Supplies

Loose Leaf Teas & Tea Bags in Bulk 🫖

It’s no secret that Brits love a cuppa or two (or three or four!).

So whether you’re a cafe, hotel or restaurant, offering a range of high quality teas can make all the difference to your business. 

Partnered with Bird & Blend Tea Co, we supply an extensive range of wholesale teas in tea bag and loose leaf form. 

But these aren’t just any old teas we’re talking about…

With a wholesale account, you’ll have access to teas crafted by expert tea mixologists - setting your brews apart from local competitors.  

Wholesale Tea, Blended in the UK

Wholesale Tea Suppliers (UK)

Based in Bristol, we supply wholesale teas to local businesses both in the area and further a distance across the UK. 

After registering your account, you’ll gain access to high-quality, premium teas at affordable, wholesale prices. 

We’re committed to helping businesses wow their customers with a selection of unique and exciting blends. 

Because of this, we work closely with each of our wholesale partners to provide ongoing support, asking for regular feedback to ensure we continue to exceed expectations.

Find out more about our wholesale tea supplies:

Bird & Blend Tea Co. 

Founded in 2013, Bird & Blend is one of the UK’s leading tea blend specialists.

When we set about opening our wholesale business, we knew we wanted to work with reputable suppliers whose values aligned with our own. 

Just like our coffee beans, B&B's teas are hand blended in small batches to ensure beaut flavours and a consistently high quality. 

We started working with Bird & Blend all the way back in 2016. Over the years, we've loved collaborating with them and learning more about speciality teas. 

As an eco conscious business, sustainability is top priority for Bird & Blend. All of their tea bags are 100% compostable, with biodegradable and recyclable plastic-free packaging too.

  • Independent tea specialists
  • Hand blended in small batches
  • Sustainable and eco focused 
  • Wide range of blends available   

Wholesale Tea Bags

All of the wholesale tea bags we offer are completely biodegradable, making them a sustainable and convenient choice for bars, restaurants, hotels, offices and retail stores. 

We supply all the classic teas that Brits love to sip on - including Earl Grey, Peppermint and good old fashioned Proper Tea.

And, if you’re looking for something a little different, you can test out energy boosting citrus blends and fruity tea infusions that taste great hot, iced or cold brewed. 

Individually packaged for single serves, these wholesale tea bags ensure each steeped tea stays as fresh as can be.

If you're looking to bulk buy tea bags, we offer custom quantities to accommodate your business's specific demand. 

Simply order wholesale tea bags in bulk through our portal and leave the rest to us.

Tea Bags for Retail 

Wholesale partners with retail accounts are able to stock their stores' shelves with a range of premium teas, allowing customers to explore new and noteworthy blends that keep them coming back for more. Our loose leaf tea wholesale offering includes:

  • Traditional teas
  • Fruit and herbal teas
  • Decaffeinated teas 
  • Green teas
  • Ceylon teas 

Loose Leaf Tea - Wholesale 

With a wholesale account, you can choose from a wide selection of loose tea leaves for your UK business. 

Loosely packaged with an airtight seal, our loose leaf tea is available in 1kg quantities, allowing you to make small orders to discover new flavours without increasing the chance of waste. 

Loose leaf teas are the ideal choice for teapot brewing, suitable for serving breakfast cuppas or fancy Afternoon Teas. 

We also supply decaf loose leaf teas for caffeine-free cuppas. Trial Honey Rooibos (a clear winner for your Saffer customers!) or our personal fave and OG blend - Ginger Chai. 

Herbal Teas 

Tea is well known to offer a number of health benefits, which is something that society is prioritising more and more as time goes on. 

Our wholesale tea offering includes a wide variety of fruit and herbal teas, enabling businesses to capitalise on premium blends, with unique flavours that delight. 

Within our range you'll find blended green teas like: 

  • 🌻 Sunny Sencha (with sunflower petals for warming yellow hues)
  • 🍵 Blue Raspberry (with butterfly blue pea flowers for brilliant blue hues)

Why choose Odd Kin?

The UK Tea & Infusions Association reckons over 100,000,000 cups of tea get drunk in the UK every single day... now that’s a lot of tea. 

And as the tea industry continues to grow from strength to strength, consumers are increasingly valuing high quality blends, seeking out new varietals with less common flavour profiles that surprise and excite.  

Offering an authentic tea experience is one of the best ways to grow a loyal customer base of tea lovers, and with our wholesale tea account you can do just that by testing out emerging blends with flavours that get folks talking. 

Ethically sourced and produced in small batches, the tea we supply shares the story from leaf to cup.

With demand for traceability increasing, we provide complete transparency to help businesses gain their customers' trust.

How our business, can help yours:  

  • Weekly deliveries of small batch tea, coffee and more 
  • A wholesale tea supplier that cares about your business 
  • A range of speciality teas prepared in partnership with Bird & Blend Tea Co.

Sound good?

Check out our wholesale site and sign up today.