Wholesale Coffee Suppliers

Freshly roasted wholesale coffee beans for UK businesses

We're a coffee roaster that makes running your business easier. Based in Bristol, we supply speciality coffee and wholesale brewing equipment to partners across the UK.

Having started as a single coffee shop in 2016, we know first-hand just how important it is to build a strong rapport with your roaster.

So, we set up Odd Kin with one goal: to build the roasters we had always dreamed of working with.

We're passionate about developing close relationships with our wholesale partners, creating a network where businesses can learn, grow and enjoy the journey while receiving unrivalled support from our team.

We can't wait to welcome you to the Odd Kin fam.

Odd Kin Coffee Wholesale Offering

Small-batch coffee your customers will love

Having the right coffee for your customer base is crucial to success, so we stay busy sourcing, roasting and distributing coffee beans straight to where you make the magic happen in your business. 

Our range of speciality wholesale coffee come from seven key origins:

  • Wholesale Coffee OriginsColombia
  • Brazil
  • El Salvador 
  • Burundi
  • Ethiopia
  • Peru
  • Nicaragua

To ensure the farmers we source from are fairly compensated for their craft, we only deal directly with producers, or work with reputable green importers like Volcafe, Right Side Coffee, This Side Up and Raw Material

Seasonal wholesale coffees

When buying coffee beans in bulk, choosing a UK coffee supplier that prioritises quality control is essential.

We roast in small batches to ensure flavour consistency, and our offering includes a range of house blends and single origins, roasted to bring out the best characteristics of each bean.

Our ethical approach means that we source our coffees seasonally, enabling us to bring new roasts with fresh, exciting flavour profiles into the mix alongside our house staples.

Wholesale coffee equipment 

Organising your business' essentials from here there and everywhere can become a logistical nightmare - so we've brought together all of our favourite suppliers so that you can order everything you need directly from our online portal.

You'll find a range of coffee shop supplies, barista equipment, and the Odd Extras like wholesale tea, hot chocolate, milk, and more.

Our coffee machines are carefully selected to help you bring out the best of the beans you buy. The latest edition is the most energy-efficient espresso machine on the market, Victoria Arduino Eagle 1, which consumes 30% less energy than a comparable traditional 2 group model and is made from 97.5% recyclable materials.

Be part of a sustainable coffee future

As a roaster, we're responsible for taking steps to ensure long-term stability for the coffee sector by working towards a better climate future.

The farmers we work with use sustainable growing methods, and at the roastery we work to reduce our environmental impact by using fully recyclable, carbon-neutral packaging and reusable delivery tubs for our wholesale partners.

We recently partnered with Treedom to plant trees with coffee, which means wholesale partners can track their coffee purchase impact via our virtual forest: The Odd Wood.

How does a wholesale account work?

Joining the Odd Kin fam is easy. After you register an account, we'll call you to learn more about your business and its specific needs.

You can ask us anything you'd like - beans, branding or team building; we're on hand to help your company grow. If you like how it all sounds, we'll confirm your account; from there, you can sign in and get started with orders.

The wholesale account portal can be accessed from mobile or desktop whenever you need, delivering freshly roasted coffee and equipment weekly.

Distributing wholesale coffee across the UK: 

No need to worry about searching for a coffee supplier near you, our wholesale accounts are available to any and all businesses in the UK.  

So whether you’re looking to buy wholesale coffee in Bristol or Birmingham, or you're based further afield and need a coffee supplier in London, Edinburgh or Brighton (to name a few), we can help!

What our business can offer yours: 

  • Small-batch roasting: Our beans are roasted in small batches to ensure flavour consistency. This method of roasting gives us complete control over each roast profile, bringing out the best characteristics of particular beans. 
  • Weekly coffee deliveries:With a wholesale account, you can receive freshly roasted wholesale coffee deliveries every week. Beans are delivered to your business's doorstep, ready to be put straight into the hopper. 
  • The Odd Extras: As well as supplying wholesale coffee beans, we also offer a wide range of business supplies, including: 
  • Transparency: Businesses need to know where they're sourcing their produce from. At Odd Kin, we pride ourselves on providing our wholesale partners with ethical coffee sourced from green importers and direct trade. 
  • Easy online portal: We've designed our wholesale platform to keep ordering supplies simple. You can log into your wholesale account from any device, and buy everything your business needs from one place. 
  • Professional training: We offer wholesale training sessions in Bristol, Birmingham and Worcester.

Sound good?

Check out our wholesale site and sign up today. 
Or you can read more about our wholesale coffee products and pricing in our Odd Journal below...
If you're interested in joining our fam and starting something special together then please drop us a line: hello@oddkincoffee.com