Wholesale Coffee

We're the coffee roasters that make running your business easier.

Here at Odd Kin, we’re passionate about developing close relationships with our wholesale partners. We started out as a single coffee shop, so we know first hand just how important it is to build a strong rapport with your roaster.

It’s our mission to create a solid support network for our Odd Kin wholesale family, a growing community of people who love coffee as much as we do. 

Having the right coffee available to suit your customer base is crucial, which is why we stay busy sourcing, roasting and delivering an exceptional range of delicious coffees straight to where you make the magic happen in your business.

With so many great wholesale coffee suppliers to choose from, organising your essentials from here, there and everywhere can become a logistical nightmare. To help make life easier, we’ve brought together all of our favourite suppliers so that you can order everything directly from our online portal. 

Whether it's tea, hot chocolate or oat milk you need in addition to your wholesale coffee  - we got you covered!

  • Stay in the loop with new coffees, new brew recipes 
  • Weekly deliveries of roasted and rested coffee
  • Easy online portal to make and manage bulk coffee orders
  • Small batch roasts to ensure high quality control
Sound good?
Check out our wholesale site and sign up today. 
Or you can read more about our wholesale coffee products and pricing in our Odd Journal below...
If you're interested in joining our fam and starting something special together then please drop us a line: hello@oddkincoffee.com