Pallo Coffee Tool Group Head Cleaning Brush for Espresso Machines.

Pallo Coffee Tool (Cherry Red)

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A group head cleaning brush for espresso machines

This multi-function coffee tool by Pallo is the perfect solution for efficiently cleaning your espresso machine group head with minimal mess. 

Its unique design offers various features that help to make caring for your machine a dream:

  • Stiff bristles: Pallo's hard, plastic bristle heads are durable and heat-resistant, great for giving the underside of your group head a scrub after use. Shop replacement bristles.
  • Ergonomic handle with thumb rest: Cleaning doesn't have to feel like a chore. The unique angle ensures a comfortable handheld position with a helpful dip to place your thumb.
  • Water deflectors: Seven deflector fins close to the bristle head. These ridges prevent scalding water from dripping down the wand onto your hand.  
  • Detergent scoop: Accurately dose your detergent when backflushing your machine.
  • Vent hole unclogger: Clear your steam wand vent holes with Pallo's unclogger tool. Ensure complete aeration of milk by cleaning away deposits and residue. 

Trust us when we say this gadget is a complete game-changer for keeping your espresso machine in good working order.

You can use the Pallo coffee tool when backflushing or flushing the system. Our baristas tend to clean the shower screen after every shot, but for home brewers, we recommend using the brush daily. 

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