021 Jess, our coffee roasting wizard

Jess started working for us at Wayland's Yard Bristol, but it didn't take long for her coffee obsession to mean we just had to have her join the team in the roastery.

Starting off with packing and logistics it became clear she's got a serious eye for detail and we already knew how much she digged coffee. So, as things got busier it was an easy decision for Rama to start training her up on the roaster. Jess is now totally comfortable roasting hundreds of kilos a day and is a huge part of our team here. It's been so lovely watching her grow and develop in this role. She is a natural.

If she’s not talking about coffee then she will undoubtedly hit you with some niche Harry Potter trivia that would impress even Hermione. We love that about Jess.

Perfect pour ☕
I really love funky fruity coffees. That said, our Rancho Dantas Brazilian single origin will always hold a special place in my heart, as it was the coffee that convinced me I wanted to work at Odd Kin.

Perfect Paw 🐾
I love a friendly sort that’s up for an ear scratch or a belly rub. Both Kobe and Snoopy fit into this category magnificently.

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