009 The Eagle (One) has landed

We had a very exciting delivery to the roastery this week.

We've been hearing amazing things about the new Victoria Arduino Eagle One, so we thought it was about time that we listened to the hype and took it for a spin.

A big shout out to Cam at VA who has so kindly sent this machine down to us to have a play with. First impressions count and the Eagle One did not disappoint - I mean just look at it.

Victoria Arduino Eagle One Speciality Coffee Machine


Another positive of having to install a new coffee machine is that we got to spend the morning chewing the fat with Kit, which is always a pleasure. A true gent of the coffee industry.

The green credentials of this machine are what really sparked our interest: it's 30% more energy efficient than it's competition, is made from 97% recycled materials and even re-uses it's waste water to heat incoming water. The sustainability of this machine cannot be called into question and that is really important to us.

Ultimately, though a good coffee machine needs to make a baristas life easier, allowing them to sling consistently tasty coffees out all day. We can't wait to properly put it through it's paces, get some feedback from the team and see what it can do under a bit of pressure. But, even just using it for a short while yesterday we were stoked with how nice it was to work with, it seemed super intuitive and the coffee tasted ace. Little touches like auto-purging group heads and insulated auto-steam wands can only be a good thing in the depths of a crazy Saturday service.

Have a lovely weekend friends, whatever you're up to I hope it involves some decent coffee.


Stay easy,


Sam & The Odd Kin Fam

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