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April Pour Over Brewing Guide by Odd Kin Coffee Roasters
The April Brewer brings a slice of Copenhagen's coffee scene to your home. We're stoked to now stock the April Plastic Dripper, which you...

The April Brewer brings a slice of Copenhagen's coffee scene to your home. We're stoked to now stock the April Plastic Dripper, which you can purchase online or in store at the Odd Shop.

With this in mind, we've created an April brew guide to help you better understand how to get the most out of your new pour-over.

What is the April coffee brewer?

April's coffee brewer is a pour-over coffee maker with a flatbed design for optimal water flow. Developed by April Coffee Roasters, the April Brewer secured second place at Boston's 2019 World Brewers Cup. It's available in three materials: porcelain, glass and plastic. 

  • Porcelain: The ceramic model is produced in Germany at a high-end porcelain manufacturing factory. 
  • Glass: A handmade glass model of the dripper featuring a separate acrylic base. 
  • Plastic: Robust and durable, the plastic April dripper has two versions. The 2.0 edition (the one we stock) has been made from improved plastic for stable brewing temperatures and optimal extraction.

More about April Coffee Roasters:

April is a speciality coffee roasters based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The roastery was founded by Patrik Rolf, whose coffee journey began in his hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Even before working in the coffee industry, Patrik had a passion for brewing and felt that coffee was an authentic, quality-focused craft.

In 2019, he competed in the World Brewers Cup in Boston, where he and his April Brewer were awarded the Silver Medal. 

“At April, we aim to learn, improve and share our products with quality-focused partners around the world. We always strive to become better at what we do, roasting coffee.” - Patrik Rolf 

How do you brew with the April plastic brewer?

The April pour-over has a unique design, crafted to achieve a faster flow rate than other flat-bottom coffee drippers. To achieve this flow rate, the April brewer features a large hole at the bottom.

Correctly dialled, April's plastic brewer brews consistently balanced coffee while nailing the taste and aromas of speciality beans.

In terms of capacity, April yields 1 - 3 cups of coffee, making it perfect for solo brewing or pouring coffee for friends.

What you'll need to get brewing: 

April Brewer Recipe for Colombian Contreras: 

Our Head of Coffee, Christina, has developed a 6-step April recipe to be used with our Honey Process Colombian coffee, Contreras.

Step 1: To get started, boil the kettle and leave it to rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Aim for a water temperature between 89 - 92'C, as water straight from the kettle will burn the coffee and impact the taste and quality of your brew.

Step 2: Place the April Brewer over your mug and add a filter paper. Then, pour hot water to wet the filter paper and warm the cup. Doing so also helps to prevent a papery taste influencing your brew. 

Step 3: Dispose of the water and use your coffee scoop to pour 19g of coffee into the base of the filter, giving it a gentle shake to level the ground coffee out. 

Step 4: Make sure everything is ready on a set of scales, zeroed. Then, start your timer, and in a gentle but quick circular motion, pour 60g of water on top of the coffee and leave to rest for 30 seconds. Note: do not shake or agitate the coffee. 

Step 5: After 30 seconds, swiftly circle pour in the water until the scales reach 150g in weight. 

Step 6: After 1 minute and 10 seconds, straight pour until the scales reach 250g and leave to rest. The brew is ready once all of the water has passed through the brewer. 

💡 Top Tip: With the right grind size, the water should pass through in 2 minutes and 15 seconds. 

🫗 Pour styles explained: 

  • Circle pour: Concentric circles 
  • Straight pour: Static, no movement 

April Brewer Recipe by Odd Kin Coffee Roasters

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April Pour-over FAQs

What material is the April Brewer?

The 2.0 April plastic brewer has been designed with an improved type of plastic for greater durability. It features a hold ring with pressure control vents, made from FDA-approved Polycarbonate, Makrolon® 2456 550115. 

What grind size should I use for April brewing?

When brewing April coffee using Odd Kin’s Colombian Contreras, we recommend 19g of coffee with a medium-coarse grind size (similar to Clever Dripper). Each coffee particle will be roughly 0.5mm in size, with a texture similar to rough sand. 

Grinding whole beans at home helps your coffee stay fresher for longer. However, if you don’t have a manual or electric coffee grinder to hand, choose the Pourover grind type at checkout and we’ll grind your beans for you.

💡 Top Tip: Find out how to store coffee beans to keep them fresh and tasty.

What filter paper will I need?

April sells their own Filter Paper that comes in a box of 50. We'll be stocking these filters in a couple of weeks, but if you can't wait til then, the brewer is also compatible with Kalita 155 or 185. 

What is the best coffee to water ratio for April brewing?

For our April Brewer recipe, we recommend using a coffee to water ratio of 1 to 13. So, for 250g of boiling water, you’ll need to grind 19g of Colombian Contreras. 

Should I use filtered water? 

Yes. When home brewing it’s ideal to use fresh, filtered water to improve the quality and taste of your brew - and April is no different! To filter your coffee, we recommend using the Peak Water Coffee Filter.

How long does April Brewer coffee take to brew?

For our April Brewer recipe, your coffee should brew in roughly 2 minutes and 15 seconds. The grind size can impact brew times, so if you're having issues with these feel free to get in touch. 

How to clean your April Pourover: 

For best care, we recommend gently hand washing your dripper shortly after use.