019 Kev and the UKBC Heats

I've spent a lot of time with Kevin in the past year, I'd go as far as to say that I've never spent quite so much time in a car with one person in my entire life.

Thankfully we get on or all of those hours spent travelling round the country would've been about as fun as getting stuck in a lift with Bing.

We've been on the road delivering training to our wholesale customers and the idea of Kev wanting to start competing properly in coffee competitions has been a regular topic of conversation.

That dream of his is about to come true. And he hasn't started small.

On 3rd February at 11AM Kev will be taking the stage at the UK Barista Championship South West Heat.

You could argue that we could've started smaller and worked up to this, but if you did say this to me, I'd strongly disagree. I truly believe that jumping in at the deep end and working on the edge of your comfort zone is the way to go in life.

That scary edge is where discovery, learning and joy are found.

I know the whole team at Odd Kin are super proud and excited for Kev - seeing each other doing the things that make us come alive is what we are all about.

We'll all be there to support him with everything we've got.

And as for whether he bosses it on his first attempt and makes the next round - who knows?

That's the fun part and it really doesn't matter either way. He's made a start on this journey of his and that's all that matters.

I know for a fact that I will be sat in the crowd feeling like a proud Dad at sports day, regardless of the result.


Stay easy,

Sam & The Odd Kin Fam

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