010 seeing friends in cool places

We are lucky in Bristol that you can walk in almost any direction and find yourself a cup of coffee that will not only prop open your eye lids, but also give your a taste buds a good old seeing to.

This search for coffee is made even cooler when your local bread & cake emporium are featuring one of your friends' coffees on filter. We absolutely love The Bristol Loaf - if you haven't had one of their cardamon & pistachio buns or a dream slice before, then you probably need to get yourself over there right now.

But, our love for The Loaf went up a level this week as they're serving up a cracker of a coffee from the legend that is Katja from Kontext Coffee. This naturally processed coffee from Bant Sawk in Myanmar is the last of this lot that Katja has roasted and it tasting bloody lovely!

These little bursts of joy seeing your mates doing exciting things is hopefully something that we can all start to enjoy a little more often in the coming weeks.

To be honest, it doesn't even need to be that exciting right now.

I mean from the 29th onwards I'd be totally content sitting with my friend on a park bench in a hailstorm, let alone meeting them at a coffee shop to drink their coffee.


Stay easy,


Sam & The Odd Kin Fam

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