005 we're a Pokemon now

If every new wholesale customer let's us know that they would like to work with us in the form of Pokemon memes then we think the world is going to be an alright place to spend some time.

Odd Kin Coffee Roasters now on pokemon

We've been chatting with James from the table in Walsall for a good month or so now and were absolutely stoked to receive this email. So much so that there may have been a small happy jig around the roastery to celebrate.

Good news, exceptionally well delivered.

We have enjoyed the hours spent on Zoom discussing coffees, equipment, training and James' big dreams to take speciality coffee to the people of Walsall. His mission is to create an inclusive, warm and friendly place for anyone to rest their weary legs over a decent brew.

Sounds good right? We are totally down for this and know that he will absolutely nail it when he gets open in the coming months. It is going to be an absolute pleasure to work closely alongside him as brings this project into existence.

Our job here will extend beyond sourcing equipment and roasting tasty coffees. We'll share everything we know about getting a successful coffee shop open and be there for the many high five moments, but more importantly as a sounding board for the trickier times too.

Working alongside people who share the same values as you is what makes business fun and this is one of our core aims we have as we look to start our wholesale family.

We want to work with people who inspire us and hope that James is the first of many.


Stay easy,


The Odd Kin Fam

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