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We roast the coffees we love to drink. For the people that we love to drink them with.

It’s really that simple.

We’re all floating through life, bumping into new people, sparking off friendships, sharing moments and making cool things happen in our own interesting ways.

Throw a good cup of coffee in the mix and you might just be onto something.

It would be great if we had a romantic backstory where we started roasting coffee in our Nan’s shed on her old popcorn machine, before blowing up worldwide. But, we don’t.

We are just a bunch of people brought together over a number of years because of our love of giving a little lift to those around us. Finishing the day having made someone else’s a touch more positive is a day well spent in our eyes. We’ve just all happened to choose coffee as the rabbit hole we wanted to fly down.

This coffee roasters was a pipe dream, that heavily bolded and underlined thing on our to do list that we wanted to bring to life. Realistically it probably would have always stayed that way. The things we really want to do are more often than not the first thing to fall by the wayside. Sound familiar? Human beings are weird like that.

Roll in 2020. The year everything stopped and suddenly, everything we thought we knew, well we just didn’t anymore.

This lit a fire, it got us thinking and ultimately it is the reason you are sitting here scrolling through your phone reading this.

We needed to save our family, we needed to have something positive to focus on, we needed to jump face first in something new and above all we had to learn.

We are here to create something. The something that we always wanted to bring into existence. The something that we hope will soon become your thing.

We’ll start with the coffee and see where that rolls to.

Stay easy,

The Odd Kin Fam.

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  • Nice one Sam and Team. Loving your updates, loving your work. Very best wishes in your new Bristol “base”, we’ll be down for smiles, coffee (and riding bikes) as soon as hugs are back on the options list.
    Team Vallance

    Gary Vallance

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