003 we're the orange one

The focus at the roastery has momentarily switched up. We roasted twice last week to ensure that we had as many hands available to get the new Wayland's Yard open today in Bristol.

It's been a week of mild chaos trying to pull everything together, whilst patiently waiting for the rain to stop long enough so that we could give the shop front a final coat of orange.

We're still waiting.

Every time we do this we always say we'll go into opening day much calmer, better prepared and with a few more hours kip. I think we're certainly the most prepared we've ever been, but calm and rested? I'm not so sure.

But, that is what new store openings are all about - the rush and excitement of everyone pulling together and putting what we do out there to hopefully be enjoyed by a whole new group of people.

This is an exciting moment for us as the wonderful people of Bristol will now be able to enjoy Odd Kin Coffee every day at 45 Whiteladies Road. It's also a little nerve-racking to have people sipping on our beans in one of the UK's strongest speciality coffee scenes.

If you're out and about near Whiteladies for your daily dose of exercise this weekend please do pop in and say hi to myself, Joe, Al, Alice, Charlie, Maj and Alex.

We'll be the slightly fatigued looking bunch serving up brews, buns and brunch in the bright orange shop. You can't miss us.

Big love,


Sam & The Odd Kin (And Wayland's) Fam.

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  • Good luck with the opening, look forward to when we can buy coffee beans from Cranleigh.

    Philip Townsend

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