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Clever Dripper Recipe by Odd Kin Coffee Roasters. Source: Bex Walton via Flickr (transformed) -
A Clever Dripper is one of the easiest ways to brew tasty immersion and filter coffee - no fancy pour over kettle required!...

A Clever Dripper is one of the easiest ways to brew tasty immersion and filter coffee - no fancy pour over kettle required! Find out more about this brewing style and get started with our Clever Dripper recipe.

What is a Clever Dripper?

A Clever Dripper is a type of coffee maker that makes full use of immersion and filter extraction methods.

It has a similar shape and design to pour-over coffee brewers like the V60, but boasts a bottom valve that allows for the coffee to be steeped. 

Commonly described as a mix between Cafetiere Coffee and Pour Over coffee makers, a Clever Dripper provides the best of both worlds.

This popular coffee gadget was first invented by a Taiwanese company, ABID Co. in 2009. Since then, it has become one of the most popular brewing methods out there.

How does a Clever Dripper work?

At first glance, the Clever Dripper doesn’t look too dissimilar from other pour-over cone drippers.

Made from BPA-plastic, it has a conical shape and is typically clear in colour. However, what sets this coffee maker apart from others is the addition of a valve placed at the bottom of the dripper. 

Unlike V60 brewing, this valve blocks the water flow and prevents the coffee from flowing out. Only once the Clever Dripper is placed over a cup to brew, the valve opens.

This design feature allows for a smooth extraction, helping you keep control of the brew time to adjust for your tasting preferences.

Is the Clever Dripper worth it?

Absolutely! This coffee maker is great value for money and easy to use for beginners and brewing pros alike.

Requiring minimal effort, this straightforward method of brewing doesn’t need the coffee to be poured over the grounds in any particular way. 

Clever Dripper Recipe:

The clever dripper brewing method is relatively similar to a V60, with the exception that you can steep the coffee (similarly to an AeroPress of a Cafetiere) before beginning the draining process. 

We couldn’t recommend this fuss-free brewing method more, and our six step Clever Dripper recipe is a great place to get started with drip brewing.



Step 1: Start by folding up the edges of the filter paper, as this helps the filter sit nicely into the cone-shaped Clever Dripper. Once positioned, you can use hot water from the tap to give it a good rinse. Rinsing your filter paper helps to prevent any papery taste from entering the brew.

Step 2: Next, boil 250ml of water in your kettle (no fancy gooseneck kettle required here!). What’s interesting about this brewing method is that we’re going to be putting the water in the Clever Dripper first. 

Step 3: Once your water has boiled, place the Clever Dripper onto your coffee scales and pour 250ml of water in. 

Step 4: Pour your 15g of ground coffee beans into the water, and stir gently using your stirrer to make sure that there are no pockets of dry coffee. 

Step 5: Set your timer to two minutes, this will give your Clever Dripper coffee time to brew. 

Step 6: Sit the Clever Dripper on your coffee cup and Voila! Your coffee is served.

That's really all there is too it. A simple brew method which gives super consistent results, time and time again. Coffee lovers - brew your hearts out!

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What grind size should I use for Clever Dripper coffee?

The best Clever Dripper coffee grind size is a medium-fine grind. Each coffee particle will be 0.5 mm in size, with a similar texture to smooth sand. 

It’s always best to grind your coffee at home, just before you brew. This is because whole bean coffee stays fresher for longer.

You can grind your beans using a manual or electric coffee grinder, but if you don’t have either of these gadgets, don’t worry - we can do it for you! 

All you need to do is choose which of Odd Kin’s speciality roasts you’d like, then choose the Pourover grind type and add to cart. 

What is the best coffee to water ratio for a Clever Dripper?

For our Clever Dripper recipe, we recommend using a coffee to water ratio of 1 to 16. So, for 250g of boiling water, you’ll need to grind 15g of speciality coffee. 

Should I use filtered water for this Clever Dripper recipe?

Yes, ideally you should use fresh, filtered water to improve the quality and taste of your coffee. To filter your coffee, we recommend using Peak Water’s coffee jug.

How long does Clever Dripper coffee take to brew?

When brewing Clever Dripper coffee, you are able to control the brew time using the valve feature.

For our Clever Dripper recipe, we recommend a brew time of two minutes, but the beauty of this design is that you can adjust the length of brewing as you see fit. 

With that being said, be careful not to over-extract your Clever Dripper coffee as this can result in a bitter taste!

What are the benefits of brewing Clever Dripper coffee?

  • Any kettle can be used: There’s no need to pay close attention to your pouring technique
  • Prolonged extraction time: Features a clever valve to allow the coffee to steep 
  • Lots of filters can be used: You can use a variety of filter types with a Clever Dripper. We recommend Mellita or Filtropa filters
  • Cost effective coffee maker: An affordable coffee dripper that can be used for everyday brewing

How to clean your Clever Coffee Dripper:

It’s important to clean your Clever Dripper coffee maker after each time you brew with it.

Regular cleaning will prevent unwanted coffee oils from building up, while also helping your Dripper last for longer. 

To clean your Clever Coffee Dripper, give it a thorough wash with hot water and ensure that all parts (including the inner valve) have been rinsed.

For a deeper clean, you can use a coffee cleaning powder every once in a while.