Blend Friends 003 - Odd Kin X North Star

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Size: 250g
Grind Type: Whole Beans

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A collaborative blend by Odd Kin Coffee Roasters & North Star Coffee Roasters

(Produced by the Contreras Brothers & Dahab Mesfin)

Apricot, Orange Blossom and Maple Syrup

The new year brings new Blend Friends.

This time, we’ve dared to look north of Bristol and joined forces with the guys at North Star up in Leeds. 

003 is a 50/50 blend of North Star’s natural Ethiopian and another one of our washed Colombians.

Together, these coffees create a balanced blend that marries soft apricot flavours, orange blossom aromas and sugary maple syrup sweetness.

Origins: Ethiopia, Colombia
Altitude: 1,690 - 1,880 MASL
Varietals: Caturra, Castillo, Heirloom
Producers: Dahab Mesfin, Contreras Brothers
Processes: Washed, Natural
Tasting Notes: Apricot, orange blossom, maple syrup
Coffee Sizes:  250g and 1kg
Brew: Filter

More About 003:

A blend of…

🇨🇴 Odd Kin’s Colombian Contreras: Contreras is one of our experimental Colombian coffees, produced in the Department of Huila. 

Brothers Andrés and José Heider Contreras are the producers behind this honey processed roast. A boldly sweet and fruity coffee, Contreras is a brilliant example of innovations in alternative processing methods. 

🇪🇹 North Star’s Ethiopia Dahab Mesfin: A female produced coffee from Tulla, Southern Ethiopia. 

Dahab Mesfin is passionate about organic coffee production. Her high-quality naturals are optimally grown under shaded trees and processed on-site at her farm’s sun-drying facility.

In addition to producing beaut coffee, Dahab inspires community involvement by sharing her knowledge with fellow female coffee producers and offering free seedlings to neighbouring farmers.

This delicate fruity and floral Ethiopian coffee balances our bold Contreras to create a complex cup.

🤝 More about our Blend Friends Series: 

Back in 2022, we launched our blended coffee series - Blend Friends.

This series gets us out of our comfort zone, which is usually the place where great things happen. 

It's been super rewarding to see how much you guys have loved these blends - with 001 and 002 selling out in a few days.

003 has enabled us to meet yet another awesome roaster, and we've had a heap of fun getting to know the team at North Star.

⭐ More about North Star Coffee:  

North Star Coffee Roasters is a Leeds-based speciality roaster focused on prioritising people and the planet before profit. 

They may be based further afield, but their philosophy couldn’t be closer to ours…

Co-founded by Holly and Alex Kragiopulus in 2013, North Star shares our passion for sustainability and safeguarding the future of the coffee industry. 

Their journey started when they spoke with small-scale Kenyan coffee producers and learnt more about their experiences with Fairtrade.

Committed to improving global supply chain issues, North Star supplements purchases with community support initiatives focused on climate change resilience and youth/female empowerment.

They create long-term relationships with producers based on trust, respect and delivering positive impact. 

We’ve loved collaborating with these legends and can’t wait for you to taste the finished product.

North Star, you've been a star!


250g, 1kg

Grind Type

Whole Beans, Espresso, Aeropress, Moka Pot, French Press, Pourover