Kenyan Coffee - Kenya Nabiswa
Kenyan Coffee - Kenya Nabiswa
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Kenyan Coffee - Kenya Nabiswa

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Kenyan coffee beans produced by Sakami Coffee

Plum, apricot and raisin

Our Kenyan coffee is produced by Sakami Coffee, one of the most environmentally sustainable farms in Kenya. Located on the slopes of Mount Elgon, these Kenyan coffee beans are grown at a medium to high elevation of 1,800 MASL.

With hand picked cherries and coffee beans cultivated under the shades of Macadamia trees, Sakami Coffee is renowned for its intense flavour profile and high-quality. 

This Kenyan coffee varietal has been roasted by the Odd Kin fam, and can be enjoyed as an espresso or filter brew. 

Process: Washed
Region: Nabiswa, Kenya
Altitude: 1,800 MASL (metres above sea level)
Varietal: SL28, Ruiru 11, Batian and K7
Tasting Notes: Plum, apricot and raisin
Coffee Sizes: 250g or 1kg
Brew: Espresso, filter


🇰🇪 A bit more about this Kenyan coffee:

Gloria and Jarmo at Sakami Coffee are one of the few producers in Kenya so far that are lucky enough to be offered direct trade coffee deals outside of Kenya’s auction system.

This is thanks to the hard of work of Stean’s Beans from the Netherlands in obtaining an export licence from Kenya and his tireless work in supporting African farmers across the continent. 

We’re grateful to be able to support Stean Fasol for his good work in collaboration with our import partners at This Side Up. Find out more about Sakami Coffee in our Kenyan Coffee Guide.