Christmas Coffee Beans - El Salvador

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Size: 250g
Grind Type: Whole Beans

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Produced in Santa Ana, El Salvador 

Strawberry Quality Street, stewed plums and choc chip cookie

It’s CHRIIIISTMAAASSS!! And what sums up the holiday season more than family, sharing and overall good vibes?! That’s exactly what this Christmas Cracker of a coffee brings to the table!

Sipping this beaut Xmas coffee will give you all the festive feels. Think syrupy stewed plums, rummaging through the tin for the last strawberry Quality Street and stuffing yourself full with choc chip cookies.

Honestly, we’ve not been able to stop smiling since we roasted these beans just a few weeks ago. 

Featuring three high-grade varietals of coffee from El Salvador, our Christmas coffee beans offer all the delicious aromas and deep flavours you’d expect from juicy Red Bourbon, fruity Pacamaras and Finca San Rafael’s very own Pacas. 

December is officially here people! So all that’s left to do is grab a bag of Christmas coffee, chuck on your favourite film and get cosy with a warm cup of joe. 

Producer: Federico Lopez Pacas
Origin: Santa Ana, El Salvador
Altitude: 1,400 - 1,500 MASL
Varietals: Red Bourbon, Pacas, Pacamaras
Process: Natural
Tasting Notes: Strawberry Quality Street, stewed plums, choc chip cookie
Coffee Sizes: 250g and 1kg
Brew: Espresso, filter

🇸🇻 Producer Background:

The farm and producer behind this year’s batch of Christmas coffee beans goes back three generations of the Pacas family, to Jose Rosa Pacas in 1905 when he bought his first farm, Finca San Rafael. 

It was here that Jose first planted Red Bourbon coffee trees, and 117 years later, coffee still runs deep in the family blood. 

So deep, in fact, that the family has two varietals named after them! 

In 1958, Fernando Alberto Pacas noticed a different looking shrub growing on the farm. After heavy consultation with friends, and even getting university researchers involved, it was determined that it was a natural mutation of Red Bourbon. 

The researchers couldn’t remember the name of the farm, but they did remember the family name - so they called this brand new El Salvador coffee varietal ‘Pacas’ - or so legend would have you believe!

Now more commonly crossed with Maragogype, this varietal is called Pacamara. 

Over the years, the Pacas family business has become renowned for producing high-quality varietals of El Salvador coffee beans - considered by many to be among the best in the world.

After acquiring many different lands since 1905, the business now includes five farms, a wet mill and a dry mill.

Completely independent, they are involved at every stage of the supply chain, from farming right through to exporting.

What better way to celebrate a family holiday, than with a Christmas coffee produced by the Pacas family in Santa Ana, and roasted by our Odd Kin fam here in Bristol. 

Feliz Navidad! 🎄


250g, 1kg

Grind Type

Whole Beans, Espresso, Aeropress, Moka Pot, French Press, Pourover