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002 making more promises
It’s Friday and we’re back. I failed to come up with fresh excuses to not sit down, put a bunch of words into...

It’s Friday and we’re back. I failed to come up with fresh excuses to not sit down, put a bunch of words into some semblance of order, so it’s time for me to share them with you.

I signed off last week with the promise that I’d be back ‘even if no one reads it’ and I meant it. I find writing pretty cathartic. I’ve been writing my own journal every day for 3 years or so, barring the odd hangover day when I was about as useful as an empty pizza box.

These daily scribbles are mostly a jumbled mess of thoughts, learnings, hopes and life errors, but getting them down onto paper really does bring some much needed calm to my life. It’s also interesting to read back through the pages every now and again, it’s really easy to forget where you’ve come from when you are already there.

It’s this reason why I’ll be sitting here years from now writing this, logging our journey at Odd Kin even if still, no one is reading it. I want to be able to look back at all the cool things we’ve done and remember both the tummy tingling exciting moments, but also the slightly scarier times.

And both are certainly coming, that’s what being in business is all about. 

Despite the fact that I’ll be more than happy sitting here rambling onto myself, my biggest hope for the Odd Journal is to create something that brings a group of us from all over the world together. Life to me is about meeting people, hearing their stories and building relationships that last. 

Whether you do that in person or online, both can have seriously positive impacts on your little slice of the world.

So, I want to finish off by saying thank you to the people that did connect with this journal last week. I was surprised to receive a few messages, comments and emails from people in the UK, Spain and even over in Australia - hey Jack and Amanda! Thank you to all those that reached out, it left me feeling super grateful, knowing that people had taken a moment out of their busy days to sit down and have a read.

As I’m sure will often be the way, nothing that I’ve sat down here to write has actually made its way onto the page - nothing ever truly goes to plan does it? 

Ralmah and I had planned to start filming our HomeBrew videos this week in preparation for us to start filling the website with a whole heap of stuff that will hopefully add a lot of value to the coffees you’re enjoying at home.

What actually happened was Ralmah spent the whole day packing retail coffee because a lot of you wonderful people are keeping us on our toes with a steady stream of orders to the Wayland’s Yard online store. A massive thank you for this, to know there are people out there enjoying our coffees at home is a bit of a pinch me moment for us. We can’t thank you enough and are too excited to be dropping some fresh, new beans in the coming weeks.

Whilst Ralmah packed, I spent the day with Joe, Charlie & Al giving the roastery a good old  COVID safe spruce up. Glamorous times. These brew videos will be coming though and you can hold me to that.

Whilst we are on the subject of ideas for things that we want to bring to you I thought it would probably be most useful to actually ask you what you’d like from us? Please ping any thoughts through to me

Ultimately this place is going to be somewhere for you to stop, pause and zone out from the world for five minutes. But, if it can be useful and insightful along the way then I reckon that would be pretty cool too.

Big love,

Sam & The Odd Kin Fam.