020 Kev's UKBC "I would have had to take it on the bus!"

Yesterday saw our man Kev head down to Extract Coffee Roasters for the SCA UK Barista Championship South West Heat.

He absolutely smashed his performance and you could probably hear our over excited shouting for miles around. Kevin has been training so hard for this, giving absolutely everything and leaving nothing behind, except a room full of people wowed by the pure love he has for this industry.

To go out on stage in front of all those people and deliver the charming, charismatic and calm routine that he did first time out is testament to him as a person. Kev has all those traits in abundance and it was lovely to see him share that with the room.

As with any first attempt at something there are loads of technical areas for him to learn from, but thankfully things like time keeping and extreme attention to detail can be mastered over time. Especially with the dedication Kev has already shown.

If I'm honest I would have put him through to the semi-finals purely based on his post match interview - I can barely remember what was said, but he had the room in stitches.

As with everything we do at Odd Kin this was a team effort, with an extra huge thank you to Rama who's supported Kev from the beginning. Not only on his routine, but working with him to get our roast profile for Mensur Aba Hika's Ethiopian as close to perfect as we could manage.

If you wanted to try this wonderful coffee you can grab yourself a bag here.

Well done Kev.

P.S I'm really glad that Al and I were able to drive the EK43 there for you, so that you didn't need to take it on the bus.

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