012 anyone else feeling a little lighter?

I haven't been to a pub yet or gone and sat in a restaurant for a bite to eat. The last couple of weeks have been slightly on the mad side and socialising hasn't quite made it to the top of the agenda just yet.

But, just knowing that I *could* go and enjoy myself with my family and friends has been enough. 

An invisible burden on the whole country has been lifted and the effect has been magical.

I imagine most people are experiencing something similar - like a dark cloud lurking in the back of your head has lifted or remembering that you can actually laugh so hard with your mates that your belly and cheek muscles ache.

There's no real point to me writing any of this, other than the fact it's nice to just reflect sometimes on where we are at and it's probably pretty healthy to take stock of just how hard the last 12 months have been. 

Anyway. I better get back to work as I need to finish work early because I am going to the mother flipping pub this afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend people.


Stay easy,


Sam & The Odd Kin Fam

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