007 we (finally) have a web shop

Last time I mentioned trying to shuffle the business along an inch or so each day, this week it feels like we might have even taken a full step.

You can now actually buy beans and brew equipment on our website, which makes total sense for a business that is trying to sell it's wares online.


We did a little pre-release sale of our new Ethiopian Telila earlier in the week to celebrate and we can't thank you enough if you placed an order with us. We roasted the coffee yesterday and are super pleased with the results, assuming that the new character stickers are delivered today we'll be posting it out to you fine folks this afternoon.

Moving forward the plan will be to actually have everything we need on site to launch a new coffee, but for the time being we'll continue to fly by the seats of our pants.

Life's more exciting that way. Actually, if I'm honest it's just slightly more stressful.

Maybe we'll focus on our organisation skills next.


Stay easy,


Sam & The Odd Kin Fam


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