The Wilfa Coffee Maker featuring 1  Litre Water Tank & Detachable Filter. Purchase the Wilfa Classic Plus Coffee Maker in the UK

Wilfa Coffee Maker

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The Wilfa Classic+ Coffee Machine

The Wilfa coffee maker is the perfect batch brewer for home or the office!

We love Wilfa’s ground coffee maker, not only for its sleek and aesthetically-pleasing design, but also for its seamless operation and ease of use

The Wilfa Classic+ is famous for its optimal water temperature and smart features, giving you total control over the flow rate and extraction time. 

Able to brew up to ten cups of coffee, it’s perfect for hosting friends and family. The hot plate provided keeps the coffee warm for 40 minutes, so it’s also great if you drink a lot of coffee by yourself.

What’s more, it’s approved by the European Coffee Brewing Centre, so you know it must be good!

Pair this purchase with Filtropa filter papers and a bag of speciality coffee beans and you’re good to go. 

Features of the Wilfa Classic Plus coffee maker: 

  • 1 litre water tank
  • 1,500 Watts of Power
  • Detachable filter element and manual drip tray
  • Flow control with adjustable extraction time
  • Automatic cleaning reminder
  • Automatic turn off after 40 minutes
  • Hot plate with self-resistor
  • EU Two pin Plug (adaptor provided)

When using the Wilfa coffee maker, all you have to do is add your fresh ground coffee to the hopper with 1 litre of water, press the button and wait. In less than five minutes, voila! Your coffee is served.