Hario Japanese V60 02 replacement filter papers

V60 Filter Papers

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Hario V60 Coffee Filter Paper (02)

A pack of coffee filter papers from industry leader Hario.

These V60 filter papers have been specifically designed for the Hario V60 dripper (02).

Easy to use, absorbent coffee filter papers that result in a light and tasty brew, each and every time. 

These Hario V60 filters help to filter out oil components, giving coffee lovers everywhere a pure and sediment-free coffee.

For best results, be sure to rinse your coffee filter paper with boiling water before use. Doing so helps to prevent the taste of paper getting through and impacting your brew. 

The V60 filter papers have a responsive flow rate that allows for more control over brewing.

This pack contains 100 folded coffee filter papers - great value for money for long term use!

To use your V60 filter papers:

  1. Rinse with boiling water 
  2. Place the conical filter over the V60 dripper 
  3. Soak the filter with hot water 
  4. Carefully pour the coffee and discard the filter after use