Peak Water Filter Jug
Peak Water Filter Jug
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Coffee Water Filter - Peak Water

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The Peak Water Filter

'Great water makes great coffee'. Here at Odd Kin, we couldn’t agree more with Peak Water. 

When you think about it, it makes total sense. Water makes up the majority of what you are drinking in coffee, so using properly filtered water that has been specifically designed to make coffeessing is super important. The Peak Water filter allows you to do just that, helping to create home coffee of barista quality!

This Peak Water starter pack includes a coffee water filter that boasts highly sophisticated water filtration systems. Included in the box are test strips which enable you to gauge your tap water prior to filtering. 

How to create custom water with the Peak Water filter:

  1. Use the test kit to measure the hardness of your tap water
  2. Adjust the recommended filter settings to optimise your water
  3. Brew coffees that will make you skip around the kitchen with joy

The best part about this coffee water filter pack? You can send your used filters off to be recycled!

The Peak Water filter box includes:

  • Peak Water jug
  • 1x Coffee water filter
  • 2x Filter kits
  • User guide