Guji, Ethiopia

Guji, Ethiopia

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Ethiopian coffee beans produced by Ture Waji

Cherry, jammy, boozy

It's our first visit to the renound Guji region in Ethiopia, and wow!

This coffee will pop every morning, get your taste buds tingling and help you start your day on the front foot. We absolutely love naturally processed Ethiopian coffees, they bring all the juicy goodness that you need from life. 

The varietal in this lot is pretty special, it mixes two traditional local Ethiopian strains, Gibirinna 74110 & Serto 74112. Developed in the 70’s at the Jimma Agricultural Research Centre. The original ‘mother tree’ was in the village of Bishari, in the Oromia region. You don’t often get to drink this Ethiopian coffee varietal, so if it’s your first time - welcome to the 74110 club.

Honestly, we’ve not been able to stop smiling since we roasted these beans just a few weeks ago. 

Featuring 2 OG varietals from Ethiopia, these coffee beans offer all the delicious aromas and deep flavours you’d expect at this time of year!

Ethiopian coffee beans roasted by the Odd Kin fam, we can't wait for you to try them!

Process: Natural
Region: Bookkisa, Guji
Altitude: 2,000 -  2150 MASL (metres above sea level)
Varietal: Gibirinna 74110 & Serto 74112
Tasting Notes: Cherry, jammy, boozy
Coffee Sizes: 250g or 1kg
Roast Profile: Espresso, filter


A bit more about this Ethiopian coffee:

Located high up in the Shakiso ‘hills’ (mountains to us!) the Dami Uddo drying station sources its cherries from about 100 local, small-hold farmers; unlike Latin America, where huge farms will house many different cherry varietals, with thousands of trees.  

In this region they will be grown alongside crops for personal consumption or in a semi/full forested system, meaning yields are much lower. All the cherry delivered to Dami Udod are fully organic.