We're the coffee roasters that make running your business easier.

Sound good?
This place is about more than just roasting tasty coffee.
Of course, it all starts with the beans, but we don't just source, roast, pack, ship and then wish you good luck. We're here - from start to finish, every step of the way.
Having your own coffee shop is one of the most challenging, rewarding and downright joyful experiences in this world. It's the dream that many have, but few are brave enough to quit the day job, ignore the naysayers and risk everything to create something from nothing.
If you're already there, then you have our respect. If you're thinking about making this your life - then fair play, we couldn't be more excited for you!
We've got years of experience in turning our own crazy ideas into real life coffee shops with actual human beings enjoying their time with us. Those human beings have become friends over the years and that is what makes owning a coffee shop mean something.
We know how incredible this journey can be and know how important a tight relationship with your coffee roasters is. Having new friends to celebrate those pinch yourself moments with and a shoulder to lean on for support when times get tough is what we are all about.
Since we opened our coffee shop Wayland's Yard in 2016 some incredibly kind individuals have shared their knowledge, passion, ideas and friendship with us. We wouldn't still be here without those generous conversations over a proper brew.
Those moments are what the coffee world is all about and it's about time we paid that kindness forward.
We're looking to create a family here, a place where we are all pushing in the same direction and helping each other to enjoy this journey for all it's worth.
If you're interested in joining our fam and starting something special together then please drop us a line: hello@oddkincoffee.com
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